Diode Laser

Advantage of Laser

  • It produces excellent hemostatic effect resulting in minimal or no bleeding
  • It causes less oedema and due to this minimal pain
  • The recovery is quicker due to precise and minimal invasive property

Types of Laser

There are different types of laser and the effect of all lasers are nearly similar. The laser is named according to the source of the emission of light . It difers from radiation that the focal length at which the laser is producing the light emission doesnot have any radiaton effects to cause damages in the tissue which may lead to formation of cancer. So, it is save to use laser and it would not cause or make any malignant change in the tissue where it is used.

Some laser are delivered on the fibre and the laser fibre in case of Diode laser is soft and very thin and therefore it can be used in difficult and hidden ares , and the endoscopes are used to give the direction to the fibers under direct vision and the accurate dlivery of the laser is of gret importance. This makes it a very important tool in FESS surgery.